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LIMBA is an innovative lateral arm powered by hydraulics which deploys out either side of your power unit and takes your tool or piece of equipment with it to reach places your machine can not normally get to. This increases the potential use of your tool to make the job faster, easier and safer. These tools can consist of mowers, tree and hedge cutting bars, rotary brooms, and more. From inside the Cab of your skid steer you can quickly attach to LIMBA and change from one tool to another improving your tools efficiency and your time. LIMBA extends straight out either side or tilts to work at an angle while your power unit is safe on level ground.

The ultimate in: "Lateral Implement Movement Boom Attachment" (LIMBA)

LIMBA when closed measures 72 inches

Extends out left or right up to 72 inches

Tilts up to 30 degrees either direction

UHMW composite slides

Equipped with its own hydraulic valves to control the function of the tool attached

How big is LIMBA?

The Ultimate Tool

  • Handles a variety of implements

  • Works on many power units

  • Quick attach accessories

  • Tilt and other options

  • Reaches under trees and fences

  • Allows you to work safer and easier

Attaches To:

Skid Steers

Front End Loaders

Help the environment

LIMBA's attachments can be used in a variety of ways.  The LIMBA sickle cutter is the ultimate tool to trim trees.  It was developed out of the need to save trees from being cut down when they have become overgrown.  Trimming trees helps the environment in multiple ways.  LIMBA is ideal for municipalities that have an environmental mandate. 

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